Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Decisions are Made by Those That Show Up

"Decisions are made by those that show up"  POTUS Jed Bartlett.  These words are more important and just as true today than when President Bartlett spoke them in 1999.

Yesterday was the Wisconsin recall elections.  Governor Scott Walker retained his post over challenger, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.  The pundits will explain that Walker won because of big money spenders from outside Wisconsin outspending Barrett 8 to 1.

Money does play a large part in elections but I have another opinion.  Elections are not only being won by the big money-spenders; they are also being lost by the voters that don't go to the polls.  In the final vote total Governor Walker got 100,000 more votes than Mayor Barrett.  However, the big number is that one million fewer voters went to the polls yesterday than voted in the Presidential election of 2008.  A few more voters getting to the polls and the election results could have been different.  If you think your vote doesn't matter, think again.

November we will vote for President, House of Representatives, and some Senators.  If you're not sure who to vote for:

  • Look at the candidates records, not their rhetoric.
  • Decide which candidate is most likely to make decisions that benefit you; then


P. S.  Not sure who is President Bartlett????  He was the fictional US President in the television series "The West Wing".  Yes, a fictional character, but his words are still true.

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