Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hell Yeah, I Want That Job!!!!

How many of you would work hard in college to earn a Bachelor's degree, but more likely a Master's to work at your dream job.  Once you get that job you find that you spend at least six hours per week preparing to work, work a full schedule, then spend about at least four hours on follow-up.

You need supplies to perform your dream job, no problem you can purchase them at the local office supply store - - at your own expense.  Your work area has blank walls which you, yes you, are expected to decorate - - of course you pay for it.

No workplace is perfect, but when things go wrong at yours it's often solely your fault.

Your employer needs to cut costs, so layoffs are coming.  You find out that you've been laid off either by a voice-mail message or a maybe Powerpoint presentation in a team meeting.

Hearing these things, and yes they're true, how many would say "Hell Yeah, I Want That Job".  Well, hundred's of thousands do say "Hell Yeah, I Want That Job" everyday.  They're Public School Teachers.

Most teachers are professionals dedicated to educating and mentoring the children.  They do what they do because they love the kids, they know they need a good education to succeed, and they are committed to the kids success.

Now someone is remembering Mr. Somebody or Mrs. Somebody, who is/was a crappy teacher and thinking that what I'm saying is not true.  I admit, there are some people holding teacher positions that do not belong in the same zip code as a school.  Yes, they exist; but they are NOT the majority of teachers.  Teacher lead classes, yes,  but they also feed hungry kids, counsel kids through their struggles, be a shoulder to cry on, a source of encouragement, and the person who is proud of the kids accomplishments.  Don't judge the super majority by the behavior of the few and far between.

Someone is thinking, the best schools have the dedicated teachers and the worst schools are full of teachers that don't belong in a classroom.  WRONG!!!!!  Imagine the true dedication necessary to put in the time and effort everyday, doing everything you can, knowing that you will only reach a handful of kids and will lose the majority.  I'm not putting down teachers at good schools, I'm acknowledging that every school has good, strong, committed teachers.

Teachers, I applaud you, I admire you, I pray for you.  Continue to be the beacon of hope and love and confidence that the kids need and depend on.

Let me close giving a shout-out to the other unsung heroes in our schools:  the Administrators, the Counselors,  the Security, the Office Staff, the Janitorial Staff and the Lunchroom Staff.  There's a saying, "It takes a village to raise a child".  School personnel provide a village of safety, encouragement and love to our children.  They deserve our thanks not our derision.


  1. You are taking to those that know what you are saying. Well put my friend. I miss the time we were able to spend with a job and kids that really needed us.

  2. Well said...your literary skills are awesome.

  3. Well said! It is the truth. My job is to follow best practice technology. Those who are paying close attention realize that teaching is poised to become the single most important job in the future. In fact it always has been. Society needs to catch up! Your post is awesome!